We produce self adhesive labels for local and international companies

We employ more than one hundred and twenty specialised people who understand every facet of self-adhesive label production. Today, both operations produce self-adhesive labels for local and international companies in every product sector including food, wine, beverage, health food and cosmetic labels.

An on-going research, development and investment programme ensures that the best quality label is delivered at the most competitive price. This objective reflects our company vision. Adhesifs has developed an industry-recognised business model and is seen as a global leader in self-adhesive label technology, production and application.

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Our Sustainable Mission

What we've put in place for the future

At Adhesif we recognise the importance of conserving energy, minimising waste, using environmentally responsible products and creating a safe workplace.

We have invested in new printing technology that reduces set-up waste and uses fewer resources than printing presses from the past. We have also removed ink waste from our product stream, with the result that we now have 99% ink recovery. All aspects of our business recycle materials wherever possible.

Adhesif are also downguage specialists. Our company has embraced ISO14001, while our Interloc™ laser cutting system leads the industry in waste reduction. It’s a process of continuous improvement.

Adhesif has an ongoing commitment to waste reduction, recycling and energy conservation within both our New Zealand and Australian manufacturing facilities.

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What we do

Wine Label Production
Adhesif produce a wide range of wine labels that have attracted world-wide attention and sales.

Shrink Sleeve Labels
We have the printing technology and experience that guarantees superb quality, and delivered within your deadline.

Interloc™ Laser Cutting System is an internationally patented process that is the result of Adhesifs’ in-house research and development programme.

Front page promotional labels for newspapers that allow advertisers to drive traffic and increase response rates.

Food Labelling
We specialise in materials that meet the stringent demands of freezer, chiller, hot cabinet and wet packing conditions.

Specialty Products
If you can make it, we can label it. Adhesif has many years of experience dealing with requests for labels on non-standard products.

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